8 skincare mistakes you are probably making

Hey hey hello. Hope everyone has had a great Easter. Finally, spring is around the corner, and who doesn’t appreciate great skin during the summer. The following steps that I will introduce you to can have great impact on your skin, and are easy to fix.

Mistake no 1. Not cleaning your phone.

Like most people today you have your phone with you at all times. Regardless if you wash your hands a million times a day, your phone screen still pics up a ton of bacteria. Try to make it a habit to wipe your phone down every day with a disinfecting wipe or even a makeup wipe. This will make your skin happier.

Mistake no 2. Only moisturizing at night

Make sure you moisturize your skin every morning after washing the face. Some might feel that too much moisture in the morning will make your skin oily. This is not the case, let the moisture set in before starting your makeup, and you will notice a difference.

Mistake no 3. Using the same moisturizer for both day and night.

Many day creams have SPF in it, which is great for day, but not so great for the night. Leave the SPF for daytime and try a night cream with extra moisture during sleep hours.

Mistake no 4. Sleeping with makeup on

At this point, there is really no excuse to «forget» to take of makeup. For everyone that does not remove it every night, shame on you 😉 It’s so important and much more refreshing to wake up in the morning.

Mistake no 5. Constantly touching your face

It does not only ruin your makeup but as mentioned above your hands are covered with bacteria which can be the reasons why you get breakouts and pimples

Mistake no 6. Changing products too quickly.

If you are  going to incorporate a new product into your skin routine, do this gradually. If you are trying to change your skincare overnight, there is a chance that your skin will react and you can get breakouts.

Mistake no 7. Not drinking enough water

Most people do not drink enough water. Try to make a conscious effort to make sure you drink enough. A big glass every morning to kick-start the day is a good place to start. Hydration is so important for your body, skin and health.

Mistake no 8. Forgetting to wash your makeup brushes.

Try to wash your brushes every two weeks or so, you can buy shampoo that is made specially for makeup brushes, but it is also perfectly fine to use shampoo with no perfume from the pharmacy.