Easy and healthy breakfast ideas to make in a hurry


You probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it gives you nutrition and energy so you can make the most out of your day 😉  Many of us is in a hurry in the morning and dont have time for breakfast. I have found some healthy, yummy and super fast breakfast tips I love.

Healthy smoothie
Green smoothies are better than it looks, I buy this ready to go smoothie mix at the grocery store. It contains mandarin, ginger, banana, kale and spinach. In addition to that i add an extra banana, soya milk and some water.

Slice of bread full of fiber topped with boiled or fried egg.
This bread is very healthy and makes you full for a long time, I like to have fried or boiled egg on it with salt and pepper on top. This breakfast keeps you full until lunch and it contains a great source of both fiber and protein.

Oats topped with fresh fruits
Very easy and a great meal to kickstart your day. Vary the topping so you don’t get tired of the flavor. I like to have a splash of strawberry jam on top just to give the oats some sweetness.