Yummii You’re such a smoothie

Smoothies are so quick and easy to make, and  taste delicious. It is a perfect way to get your daily intake of fruit and vegetables. The three smoothies introduced are super tasty, low on calories and good for your body. I like to drink them before workout in the morning or as a snack during the day.

Kale Smoothie: This healthy smoothie will help you start the day off, giving your body the nutrients it needs. Green smoothies are low on calories but very filling, and it will provide you with a lasting source of energy.

Portion size, 2 servings


1 cup packed chopped stemmed kale
1 half apple peeled and chopped
1 cup ice cubes
1 banana
½ cup almond milk

Mix everything together in a blender till it is smooth and frothy. Enjoy.

Watermelon smoothie with a touch of mint: This smoothie tastes like summer. Watermelon is a good source of vitamin C and beta-carotene. Fresh mint contains iron, a mineral you need to make red blood cells, and also helps weight loss. This smoothie is so fresh and yummy.

Portion size, 2 servings


2 cups seedless watermelon
2 tablespoons fresh mint
⅓ cup plain greek yogurt
ice cubes (optional)

Mix it  together in a blender and enjoy

Strawberry banana smoothie: This classic smoothie is according to google the most popular smoothie with over 10,000 people a month searching for it. The smoothie is delicious and full of important nutritious for your body. Bananas is a great source for fiber, and strawberries has a high volume of antioxidants.

Portion size, 2 servings


1 cup chopped fresh strawberries
1/2 peeled banana
1/2 a cup plain non fat greek yogurt
1 cup crushed ice

Place strawberry, banana and yogurt in the blender. Pulse until the fruit is blended, then add the ice. Blend everything together, and enjoy your tasty smoothie.