This will save your hair from the winter cold

We all know that the winter can be rough on not only our health but our hair and skin to. I can see and feel a enormous difference on my hair during winter time. The cold weather outside and the manufactured heat indoors strips it of all its moisture, leaving it try and causing breakage. I went to different hairdressers in Oslo asking them about tips to avoid dry winter hair. Here is what i’ve learned:

Wash less

Less shampoo means more moisture. Washing your hair everyday could make your hair and scalp very dry. Although many people feel that not washing the hair everyday makes it feel oily, you should try to wash it 3 times a week. The tips is to use dry shampoo in the roots of your hair instead of washing it.

Deep condition treatment

During winter months, it’s a great idea to treat your hair once a week with a deep conditioning treatment. If your hair is extra dry it’s perfectly fine to sleep with the treatment in your hair overnight, this will give your hair great moisture.

Use hair oil everyday

Hair oil is like liquid gold for dehydrated or color-treated hair. Use it twice a day, morning and evening. This can be used on wet and dry hair, the oil also gives the hair a smooth and shiny healthy look. I personally love the oils from Sprekenhus and Trine`s Wardrobe.

Never leave the house with wet hair

Although most of us are in a rush in the morning, its very important to dry hair thoroughly before dashing into the cold. Anything that’s cold expands, and thats what can happen with your wet hair shaft in the cold weather, which puts you at risk for breakage and makes your color fade faster.