Styling for shorties

Learning what suits you can be hard for any women, regardless of your height. If you are not the tallest of girls, you may want to dress a way that makes you look taller. As someone that’s 1.60 cm, like myself, I sometimes felt lost when trying on clothes in fitting rooms. Trying laughably long jeans that made me look like a clown. If you can relate to this, i feel your pain;-) But it doesn’t have to be this way, and you don’t have to let all the latest trends sail by.

I believe that all women should embrace themselves regardless of any size, shape or height, but sometimes feeling a little taller helps me with being more confident. We have many great fashionistas who are tiny, to mention a few: Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen, Miroslava Duma, Nicole Richie, Lady Gaga as well as Kim and Kourtney Kardashians. I have found 8 secrets that I always follow when I dress.

Cinch in the waist where possible

By wearing something that cinches in your waist, the illusion is that your legs appear longer, and therefore gives you added height. You can go for a cinched-in dress or take a belt and wrap it around your favorite dress.

Try to wear short skirts with pointed-toe shoes or boots(for fall)

What I love about this look is that it’s simple and chic. There’s something about pointed-toe shoe and boots that draws the eye down. Showing some legs with some pointed boots, always makes me feel a little taller.

Go for cropped and fitted denim

High-waisted jeans combined with a flash of ankle( like, my legs are so long that these jeans are too short) gives you the impression that you are taller than you really are.

High waisted trousers

High-waisted trousers is a great choice for short girls. By emphasising your waist you give the illusion of longer legs. Go for high waisted leather pants, vinyl or regular jeans.

If you don’t have anything to wear, go all black

In almost every settings, if you don’t know what to wear and want to be safe, always go all-black. Black boots and trousers help you to give the overall impression of being taller.

Do oversized, but be careful with the layer

Petite girls should be a bit careful when it comes to multiple layers. It can easily look like you’re drowning in the clothes, which is not stylish. If you want to do trends like oversize looks, the key piece is a giant jacket. This is super cool and often gives you a lot of attitude.

Invest in a long coat

A streamlined silhouette with a long coat will always going to make you appear taller. Just have a look at Kim Kardashian, she’s a huge fan of this trick.

Comfort is important, small heels is still ok

Last but not least. Small heels do make a difference. Wearing high heels every day is painful and almost impossible, but there are many comfortable shoes with a small heel, a good example is the kitten heels.